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Peche Merle I ring

Peche Merle I ring

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Aristotle called the hand “the tool of tools.” The hand pieces in Curio were inspired by the symbolism of hands throughout history and their representation in the first known cave paintings. If there is a single symbol for humanity, it is the handprint. Handprints have been found across 6 continents and across all ages of human creativity. Each item is named after an ancient hand cave site.

The handprints in the caves at Peche Merle have thin, delicate wrists, which lead some to argue that the first artists were women. The cave paintings are beautiful, but it’s the handprints that are like a wave from long ago, reminding us of the beginnings of art, and women's contribution to it.

Sterling silver 

Each ring has slight adjustability to bring the hands closer together or further apart 

Peche Merle I ring is Made to order please allow 3-4 weeks for arrival time. 



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Care Instructions

Avoid wearing your pieces in the shower

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